8 May

EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ Bravo Delta: Rentboy, Clients, and the 2015 Hookies Awards

Meet Bravo Delta, a Boston-based porn performer and my gaybie (gay baby- y’all really need to start learning my vernacular). He was always inquisitive about the escorting scene and my experiences in it, but it wasn’t until recently that he finally took...
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4 May

Are You Interested in Getting New Gear For IML? Check Out FM Leather Design!

FM Leather Design is a New York City-based custom leather clothing shop which offers unique and customized pieces tailored to your individual needs, requests, and designs. They worked with me to create my Hookies Awards and Black Party harness which I proudly show off every...
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7 Apr

2015 Black Party Recap

Hungover from the previous night’s celebrations at Rentboy.com‘s 2015 Hookies Awards, Bravo Delta, Max Cameron, Jackson Fillmore, and I hopped in a taxi cab and silently rode out to Brooklyn for our costume fittings and Black Party rehearsal. The move from Roseland...
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27 Mar

2015 Hookies Awards Recap

March is a really exciting time for all sexual deviants as one special weekend brings us all together to celebrate sex, debauchery, and fetishes. I am, of course, talking about Rentboy.com‘s annual Hookies Awards show and Saint At Large‘s Black...
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12 Feb

Mr. New York 2015 at Therapy Lounge NYC

Therapy Lounge NYC hosted the 2015 Hookies Awards regional competition for Mr. New York to find the east coast representative for the coveted title of Mr. International Escort of the Year in March. The top 6 finalists included myself, Killian...
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