Folsom Street East, Keeping NYC Kinky Since 1997


I volunteer in the production of Folsom Street East every year because I believe in the message we put out there by celebrating our sexual freedom and letting our freak flag fly. Folsom celebrates the kinkier side of our sexual identity and events like these allow us to experience, explore, and embrace something we would not otherwise have the opportunity or inclination to try in an environment that is safe, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental. The pride flag features a rainbow of colors to honor our widely diverse but all-inclusive community.
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Top 5 Sexcapades at the 2014 Grabbys and IML


I felt like a pup getting ready to be adopted during my time in Chicago over the week/end of the 2014 International Mister Leather and Grabbys porn awards. Sure, you could turn on Grindr, Scruff, Recon, or your preferred social networking website or application, but looking around and actively cruising could get you equally as far, if not farther. I was definitely not in want of tops as they were coming forward faster than I could fit them all into my day. I even considered posting a sign-up sheet with time slots outside of my hotel door, but figured that would garner potentially unwanted attention, so I did the best I could! Five sexcapades in particular deserve an honorable mention, but where to begin?
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Adventures in Chicago: 2014 Grabbys Porn Awards and International Mister Leather

events_2014_grabbys_IML002Hans Berlin, Eli Lewis, and Brock Avery outside of Club Hydrate in Chicago (May 2014)

Austin Wolf and I decided to travel to Chicago together for the 2014 Grabbys porn awards and International Mister Leather so, using my magical powers of persuasion, I was able to reserve a special deal with the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. We arrived a few days early so we could really take in the city before we were too busy with parties and events, and of course to take on a few clients while we were in town. Tyler Wolf would be joining us later in the week for the main events, which meant I had Austin all to myself for a few days!
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Financial Institutions Discriminate Against Clients on the Basis of ‘Moral Issues’


DailyMail writer James Daniel first reported on banks refusing accounts and loans to porn performers with ‘moral issues’ as the grounds for termination last summer. 1 In the article, adult film actress Chanel Preston reported to have tried to open a business account with City National Bank in Los Angeles, only to have it shut down days later due to ‘compliance issues’. The manager who originally assisted her in opening the account noted that the bank was worried about the explicit content on her website and decided to close the account.
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So You Think You Can Hook?


I’m finding that a lot more people are open to hooking these days. My being so honest and upfront about my sextra-curricular activities definitely entices people to ask me questions regarding the world’s oldest profession, and a lot of these inquiries are on getting started as an escort. But before you log online and create an ad on there are a few things you should ask yourself.
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The Difference Between Escorting and Prostitution


You may have come across text similar to the above-pictured disclaimer when browsing through RentBoy ad pages which reminds consumers the foundation upon which escorting was built: the purchase of one’s personal time in exchange for monetary compensation. It’s easy to associate the terms escort and prostitute with one another and consider them mutually exclusive because their definitions are somewhat blurred in that gray area of uncertainty. Very much like any other profession, the difference between prostitution and escorting is the provided service. A prostitute engages in, agrees to, or offers sexual conduct for money or something of value, whereas an escort offers their time and companionship.
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No, I will NOT lower my rate!


“That’s a bit pricey for me. Do you offer discounted rates?” Try asking that question to your phone company, local grocery store, or landlord, and get back to me when the answer is yes. We’ve all received variations of that question before, sometimes with an explanation as to why they’re asking for, or deserve, a lower price. The most entertaining of which include requests from birthday boys, college students, and the self-entitled. While I love the bonus income, I’m not exactly hurting for more clients, and neither are any other escorts with whom I’ve had this conversation.
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The Three S’s of the Sex Industry: Stereotypes, Stigma, and Shaming


There are a lot of misconceptions regarding sex work and the porn industry which only serve to fuel to the ongoing stigma and shaming of those who are part of that world. I am very open about what I do and who I am so when people ask me under hushed breath if I’m an escort I raise an eyebrow at them and respond with another question, “why are we talking with our library voices?” It’s not necessarily something that I have tattooed on my forehead, but my friends and family know and if you ask me I won’t deny it – why should I?
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Top 5 Sexcapades of 2012: The Movie Date


I met “The Movie Date” while working on a project in Manhattan and thought he was simply adorkable (adorably dorky, for those of you who can’t understand my made-up vernacular) until he added me on Facebook where his shirtless pic caused me to drop my jaw and begin drooling uncontrollably; this boy was packing! We proceeded to poke and chat with each other online, agreeing to meet up again to hang out and get to know each other a little better… which is exactly when the naked pictures started being exchanged.
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Top 5 Sexcapades of 2012: Austin and Tyler Wolf


I met Austin earlier this summer when he was a local bartender and, upon seeing him, wanted to drop my pants and let him use and abuse me from behind the bar, suck him off while he was making drinks, or kick everyone out, close up early, and be his bottom bitch for hours. Believe me, I thought of several scenarios for how that initial, as well as future, encounters would go. Instead I kept my instincts in check, walked over, ordered a drink, and flirted with him as I undressed him with my eyes.
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